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One woman's journey through life acknowledging the Law of Attraction.

Is there a better holiday than Thanksgiving? A whole day to consider the things we are thankful for; things that enrich our lives, make us laugh, make us love.
The things we have to appreciate daily could fill a book there are so many, yet we seem to give voice to the opposite more times than not.
Make a choice to notice what is RIGHT, what is GOOD, what you LOVE, and then get blown away by a whole lot more of it!

May every day be a thanks giving!

P.S. From now through the end of the year The Leap! Movie is Buy One Get One FREE!

We've taken in our fair share of abandoned/rescue cats. My friends are rescuing 5 feral kittens, and need some help with fees. If you feel so inclined, please chip in.

This is just plain awesome! Streaming Abraham whenever you want it!

Abraham TV - live streaming video

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