LOA My Way

One woman's journey through life acknowledging the Law of Attraction.

I've gotta say that living as though we have won the lottery has been SO MUCH FUN!
All of the plans we're making, the way we're talking, and how incredibly we've been feeling is amazing! Everyone should do this all of the time!

Tonight as my daughter and I came home from checking our lottery ticket, a Kit Fox crossed our path. I adore foxes so we sat and stared at him for as long as he would allow. When we got home we checked the symbolism of foxes and it was so like a thumbs up from the Universe!

We didn't win tonight- no one did, which means the jackpot went up to $252 million!!! The Cash Option: $159.2 Million!!! We can have a lot of fun with that money! Woooooo hoooooo!

We are not "facing reality" right now at all. We're absolutely telling the story we want. It's such a difference from even just a month ago, and I love it.

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