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Something I have enjoyed playing in the past with great success, and have begun playing again, is an Abraham-Hicks process- The Prosperity Game. The game has you receiving a daily allowance that increases by $1000 each day. By the end of one year you will have spent $67,000,000!
Your job is to spend the money entirely each day on things you want, as you know you'll have even more tomorrow.
There are several tools members of The Abe Forum have created to make the game more fun such as Excel spreadsheets here. I use a spreadsheet that includes space for pictures which I really like.
Other ideas are to use checks from a closed account, or even a notebook ledger.

The keys are to a) have FUN! and b) be as detailed as possible. Sizes, colors, etc all help it feel that much more real, and we know that the brain cannot determine what is real and what is make-believe.
The last time I played this with a friend and it was so much fun to share with each other what we'd purchased for the day! Everyone is more than welcome to share a link to their blog posts here- just add them in the comment section.

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