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I've spent most of today reading Abraham/LOA related stuff dealing with lottery winning. I spent the evening with my hubby and daughter a) shopping for a motor coach and b) planning a cross-country trip! It's been such great fun!

I did not have the winning ticket tonight, but the jackpot was only $11m which is certainly not enough so I'm actually quite relieved!

Here is such a powerful quote from Abraham on the topic:

"Spend a month or so thinking about what you want and why you want it, and when you get to the very basis of WHY you want it…WHY DO I WANT TO WIN THE LOTTERY? I want to win the lottery because I want that feeling of security, I want that feeling of well being, It will be evidence to me of my alignment with Source which is what I’m really wanting. I want to win the lottery because in winning the lottery I know I’ll have done the other things that are vibrational before that manifestation will happen…The lottery win will be my indication of my alignment. The reason I’ve chosen something big is because it will require alignment, it will require me to sort out how I really feel about money, It will require to sort out how I really feel about the economy, how is my relationship with money, how I feel about the man who eats out of the dumpster’s relationship with money…This is a very big topic for me and I’m foreseeing myself into alignment, because alignment is what’s necessary before that manifestation can occur, but is not the manifestation of winning the lottery that I seek, it’s MY ALIGNMENT that I seek. The manifestation of winning the lottery or any other numbers of things that will happen to me are my indication of alignment."

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