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I wanted to share the best collection of Abraham-Hicks quotes I've found to date: HERE
"...the largest collection of Law of Attraction inspirational quotes by Abraham-Hicks. Searchable, illustrated and cross-linked by keywords."

You can spend a lotta hours on this site! Have fun!

Happy Friday! I'm sharing another affirmation video I made, this one dealing with money.


Abraham-Hicks has a new book out called The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships.
I've been reading reviews on the Abe Forum and people are honestly raving about this book! I'm so excited to read it!

Anyway, I ordered my copy tonight and discovered it's available on Amazon for only $9.32!! That's a terrific deal all by itself BUT add to that the amazing gifts and prizes available through Hay House when you buy the book (Click HERE) and I just knew I had to tell everyone about it!

Happy reading!

Something I have enjoyed playing in the past with great success, and have begun playing again, is an Abraham-Hicks process- The Prosperity Game. The game has you receiving a daily allowance that increases by $1000 each day. By the end of one year you will have spent $67,000,000!
Your job is to spend the money entirely each day on things you want, as you know you'll have even more tomorrow.
There are several tools members of The Abe Forum have created to make the game more fun such as Excel spreadsheets here. I use a spreadsheet that includes space for pictures which I really like.
Other ideas are to use checks from a closed account, or even a notebook ledger.

The keys are to a) have FUN! and b) be as detailed as possible. Sizes, colors, etc all help it feel that much more real, and we know that the brain cannot determine what is real and what is make-believe.
The last time I played this with a friend and it was so much fun to share with each other what we'd purchased for the day! Everyone is more than welcome to share a link to their blog posts here- just add them in the comment section.

I've gotta say that living as though we have won the lottery has been SO MUCH FUN!
All of the plans we're making, the way we're talking, and how incredibly we've been feeling is amazing! Everyone should do this all of the time!

Tonight as my daughter and I came home from checking our lottery ticket, a Kit Fox crossed our path. I adore foxes so we sat and stared at him for as long as he would allow. When we got home we checked the symbolism of foxes and it was so like a thumbs up from the Universe!

We didn't win tonight- no one did, which means the jackpot went up to $252 million!!! The Cash Option: $159.2 Million!!! We can have a lot of fun with that money! Woooooo hoooooo!

We are not "facing reality" right now at all. We're absolutely telling the story we want. It's such a difference from even just a month ago, and I love it.

I've heard them say it before, and was reminded today while watching an Abraham-Hicks video; "The basis of your life is freedom. The purpose of your life is joy."

Ummm, wow. Just chew on that for a few minutes. Can't you feel how right and powerful it is?
We are meant to live abundant lives, and the only purpose of things we don't like is to provide contrast so we can better determine what we do want. That's it!
We don't get extra points for suffering. We don't have to endure any situation that is not what we want. We have absolute and total freedom! At all times, without exception.

I feel like William Wallace! FREEDOM!!!

How have you embraced your freedom and experienced joy recently?

I've spent most of today reading Abraham/LOA related stuff dealing with lottery winning. I spent the evening with my hubby and daughter a) shopping for a motor coach and b) planning a cross-country trip! It's been such great fun!

I did not have the winning ticket tonight, but the jackpot was only $11m which is certainly not enough so I'm actually quite relieved!

Here is such a powerful quote from Abraham on the topic:

"Spend a month or so thinking about what you want and why you want it, and when you get to the very basis of WHY you want it…WHY DO I WANT TO WIN THE LOTTERY? I want to win the lottery because I want that feeling of security, I want that feeling of well being, It will be evidence to me of my alignment with Source which is what I’m really wanting. I want to win the lottery because in winning the lottery I know I’ll have done the other things that are vibrational before that manifestation will happen…The lottery win will be my indication of my alignment. The reason I’ve chosen something big is because it will require alignment, it will require me to sort out how I really feel about money, It will require to sort out how I really feel about the economy, how is my relationship with money, how I feel about the man who eats out of the dumpster’s relationship with money…This is a very big topic for me and I’m foreseeing myself into alignment, because alignment is what’s necessary before that manifestation can occur, but is not the manifestation of winning the lottery that I seek, it’s MY ALIGNMENT that I seek. The manifestation of winning the lottery or any other numbers of things that will happen to me are my indication of alignment."

I wanted to share a Mind Movie I made;


These are tons of fun to make, and I'm sure that spending so much time focused on positive affirmations and images has a terrific benefit as well.
Also when you make your own, it draws upon your own emotions about the things/situations/events you're including, making them that much more powerful.

Let me know what you think!

I think I'm like a lot of people where The Secret was really my first exposure to the Law of Attraction. As soon as I watched it, I downloaded a copy of Wallace Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich (available here for FREE) and thus the journey began.
Something about it really rang true. I knew I had seen it at work countless times in my life, and I knew it was just plain smart to better understand it for my own sake!

By far my favorite LOA teacher is Abraham-Hicks. You'll probably see me reference them quite a bit. I highly recommend signing up for the Daily Quotes available on their site.
My second favorite has to be Mike Dooley. I LOVE his Notes From the Universe emails, and his Infinite Possibilities CD set has truly been a terrific tool in changing my thinking, and my life.

On this blog I intend to share books I've read, audios I've listened to, day-to-day life situations, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I hope to build a community here with others who are doing the same. I look forward to getting to know you!

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